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Well, I'm so excited to be sharing my little repertoire of recipes with you!  Here's a little about name is Lise-Anne Michel (it's French, pronounced "Leez"-Anne "Michelle".  Yes I am fluent in French, although I rarely speak it).  I have 5 beautiful children and a super supportive husband who is eager and more than willing to follow a plant based diet, which is super helpful and makes this food journey a whole lot easier!  I am a stay at home Mom, but I also design patterns (knitting, sewing & crochet) and run a few online stores from home for my pattern business.  If you craft and want to follow what I do in that realm, come check out my website

If you're more into plant based cooking, then you're in the right place!  I'm loving this little space, and I've got lots more recipes to post, so please be patient with me as I slowly type them up from the collection of recipe cards in my kitchen.  This Blog represents the story of my journey to health, expressed through this journal of my recipes.  I've been coming up with my own recipes for years now, sharing them here and there where I can, but I've never had a space set apart specifically for them.  My hope is that this Blog will become that space.

As I said, I have 5 beautiful kiddos.  Over the course of my last few pregnancies and births, my health has deteriorated.  As a result, I now have a little collection of medical conditions, the more serious and most recent of which have greatly affected my quality of life.  Luckily for me, I was blessed to grow up with a knowledge of the healing power of food, and have turned to it often as a form of medicine.  One of these times was when our oldest son, at the age of 6, lost his hearing.  My first instinct was to cut dairy out of his diet, and after 2 months of this experiment, a second hearing test reassured us that his hearing was back to normal.  An allergy test then confirmed that he indeed did have a milk allergy, an allergy which 3 of my 5 kids now share with him.  Even those of us who don't have confirmed milk allergies (or simply weren't tested), feel so much better eating a dairy-free diet.  We found we had less skin irritation, congestion, and we all felt less bloated, and an overall increase in our general health.  After delving a bit more into some research and reading several books on the subject, we decided we'd go completely Vegan, and focus on a Plant Based diet, free of refined sugars, with a focus on whole foods.

In short, it's been a fantastic change for our family, and we definitely don't plan to go back!  Here on the Blog, I'd like to share some of my new recipes, as well as some of my old ones, adapted to our new vegan lifestyle.  Because I have 5 children, I try to keep the recipes as quick and simple as possible, with ordinary, every day ingredients you'd find in your pantry.  I really hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do!

Lots of love,

Lise-Anne ~ {Elle Veganista} xoxo


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Ban-Apple Smoothie

Quick post today to give you this refreshing Banana Apple Green Smoothie recipe!  And...I'm gonna give you the recipe, because how much can you say about a smoothie.  It's yummy, I promise... So I kind of have a process of how I blend my smoothies.  I own a Vitamix, which I love, and I use it multiple times a day.  I add the ingredients in a couple at a time and put it through multiple cycles.  Here's how I do it: Cycle 1: I start by putting the coconut water and the protein powder (if using) in the blender and putting it through a quick cycle.  See this post for protein powders I like. Cycle 2: Next I add the spinach and start a cycle.  Halfway through the spinach cycle, I add in the peeled bananas through the clear section in the top of my lid that pops off. Cycle 3: Once that is all cycled, I add the apples and the ice.  My vitamix has a setting with a snowflake on it, so I switch to that setting when doing anything frozen (ice or frozen fruit for instance).

"Glory Sauce" (Modified)

BEST SAUCE EVER!!! This sauce is not my original recipe, but I am a HUGE fan of Glory Sauce .  The only problem is, in its original form, it's an oil-based dressing (which most dressings are)...and I don't eat oil.  So...I "healthified" it, and honestly, I like it even better this way, which I didn't think was possible.  The original recipe is served at the Fresh Tracks Cafe, at the White Water Ski Resort in Nelson, BC, Canada, and can be found in their Whitewater Cooks cookbook, which is full of amazingly yummy recipes.  Anyways, I replaced the refined oil content of this recipe with some creamy, natural oils, and the results are pretty amazing!  It's the most versatile sauce ever, fantastic drizzled on pretty much everything.  I eat it over rice bowls, salads, Asian dishes, and I even drizzle it over baked potatoes.  So here it is... First off, I use this Braggs' brand Natural Soy Sauce Alternative rather than actual soy sauce.  It's a g

Coconut-Cashew Tiger Ice Cream

Hope you all are enjoying your summer as much as I am! I have been DYING to write this post for a while now!  I am absolutely loving this ice cream recipe, and I know that it'll be a hit at your house too.  I have always been a fan of Tiger ice cream, and when we went plant based and dairy-free, I wasn't about to accept the fact that I might never taste it again.  I have been experimenting for a while now, doing a load of researching and looking for natural food dyes and gut health helpers, as well as ratios of flavours etc.  After lots of experimenting, the results are better than I would have expected!  The black liquorice ice cream is coloured with food grade, activated charcoal , which is great for gut health, and the orange ice cream is coloured with both sweet potato and a bit of turmeric to add not just colour, but also anti-inflammatory benefits and a little extra hidden goodness!  I can now honestly say, this one is a gooder!  I will even be bold enough to tell you